Kevin Dolan VIP

Join the KD VIP family and enjoy the benefits of unlimited bulk-billed appointments with Dr Kevin Dolan!

Dr Kevin Dolan is releasing his VIP package, allowing for patients to make the most of their treatment and time with Dr Kevin Dolan.

The VIP package includes:

  • Nutrition and health check prior to consultation
  • 1 hour long consultation on a Friday from 8 to 12 (Once a month)
  • Reserved parking spot
  • Same day dietician review
  • Surgery designed specifically for you to optimise weight loss
  • Choose the date and time of surgery
  • All follow-ups with Dr Kevin Dolan
  • GAP FREE Follow up surgery (if necessary)

Are you in need of surgery but unsure how to pay for it?

Our KD VIP members can join the program and after 12 months of subscribing will be eligible for a GAP FREE surgery.

How much is KD VIP?

Members pay $80/ month to have all includions and at the end of 12 months you will be eligible for a GAP FREE surgery.

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