3 body positive films you have to see

3 body positive films you have to see

Every day we are inundated with images of seemingly perfect bodies, and it can be hard to relate.

So, we thought it would be fun to share our pick of films that have a body-positive spin. Which of these have you seen?

  1. The new release

    Released towards the end of last year, Dumplin’ is a coming-of-age comedy with body image as one of its central themes. Starring Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald, it’s a story about a plus-size teenager who decides to sign up for her town’s beauty pageant as a form of protest. The film is fun and sweet, and it explores issues of self-acceptance, cultural norms and complex mother-daughter relationships.

  2. The old favourite

    Muriel’s Wedding is an old classic, and even though it was released back in the ‘90s, it’s still a feel-good favourite. The story centres around Muriel Heslop (played by Toni Collette), a socially awkward woman who has never been on a date. Dissatisfied with the way her life is going, she travels with her best friend to Sydney from her sleepy home town, where the two embrace a number of liberating, confidence-boosting experiences.

  3. One for a laugh

    Another ‘90s hit, The Full Monty tells the story of a group of men who lose their jobs in an English mining town. In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, the men come together to put on a dance show based on a Chippendales’ performance. Each of the men struggle with insecurities about their bodies, but the central theme of self-acceptance soon becomes clear.

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