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Single Anastomosis Duodeno–Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy FAQs

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Single Anastomosis Duodeno–Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy, or SADI-S as it is commonly known, is a modified version of the duodenal switch procedure. SADI-S combines the benefits of both intestinal bypass and sleeve gastrectomy to effectively treat morbid obesity. During the procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed in order to reduce one’s capacity to eat and to reduce one’s level of ghrelin (the hunger hormone), while the top part of the small bowel is divided so that food bypasses part of the small intestine. This works by reducing the number of fats, sugar and calories that are absorbed by the body.

According to studies, the SADI-S procedure is able to provide greater weight loss than either a standard sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass procedure. Because the surgery combines the benefits of sleeve and bypass operations, it is often a very effective treatment for those who are morbidly obese. The surgery also has less risk of dumping and diarrhoea than other forms of bypass, and there also tends to less risk of internal hernia when compared to other surgical weight loss options.

The SADI-S procedure tends to be a much longer operation than the other surgical weight loss options that are currently available. As a result, the anaesthetic time is longer than the other procedures. There is also an increased risk of leakage with SADI-S. This is because there are two staple lines — one for the sleeve and one for the bypass. Dr Dolan will advise you as to whether SADI-S is the best option for you, depending on your particular circumstances and health condition. He will also let you know about any other options available to you.

Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SADI-S) is a type of weight loss surgery that combines the benefits of both Sleeve Gastrectomy and Duodenal Switch procedures.


Like other weight loss surgeries, the amount of weight that a person can lose with SADI-S surgery can vary depending on several factors, including their starting weight, overall health, and adherence to post-operative dietary and lifestyle guidelines.


On average, people who undergo SADI-S surgery can expect to lose 60–80% of their excess body weight within the first year after surgery. However, individual results may vary, and it’s important to remember that weight loss is not the only goal of this procedure. SADI-S surgery is also designed to help improve overall health by reducing the risk of weight-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnoea.

he recovery time after Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SADI-S) surgery varies depending on the individual as well as the surgical technique used by the surgeon. Generally speaking, recovery from SADI-S surgery can take several weeks to several months, with most people returning to their normal activities within 4 to 6 weeks.


During the first few days after surgery, patients are typically kept in the hospital for monitoring and pain management. After being discharged, patients will need to follow a strict diet and activity plan, which will be provided by their surgical team. This plan will gradually transition patients from a liquid diet to soft foods and then to solid foods for several weeks.


Patients will also be encouraged to start light exercise, such as walking, as soon as possible after surgery. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided for several weeks to allow the body to heal.


It’s important to note that recovery time can vary depending on the individual’s health status, the extent of the surgery, and how well they follow their post-operative care plan. Patients should discuss their expected recovery time with their surgical team before undergoing SADI-S surgery.

Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SADI-S) surgery is generally considered to be irreversible. This is because the procedure involves the permanent alteration of the digestive system, including the creation of a new connection between the duodenum and the ileum.


Whilst it is technically possible to reverse SADI-S surgery, it is a complex and risky procedure that is generally only considered in rare cases where there are significant complications or side effects.


It’s important to note that SADI-S surgery, like other weight loss surgeries, is considered a permanent solution to obesity and its associated health problems. Therefore, it’s crucial that individuals considering SADI-S surgery carefully weigh the risks and benefits and thoroughly discuss their options with their surgical team before proceeding with the procedure.