Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the many weight-loss treatment solutions provided by Dr Kevin Dolan and his team from our practice in WA

Losing weight can be an incredibly emotional journey. This is why we are here for our patients and provide support to help our patients reach their goal weight. For those who are morbidly obese or overweight, gastric bypass surgery can offer an effective, long-term solution for weight-loss. Although every patient’s case is unique, the results from gastric bypass surgery can be extraordinary.

The Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Should you decide to continue your weight loss surgery transformation with us, there are a number of benefits that gastric bypass surgery can provide you with. Gastric bypass surgery can help with weight loss in three major ways:

  1. By limiting the amount of food, you can eat
  2. Straining the amount of calories that are absorbed into the body
  3. Adjusting gut hormones to ensure patients feel fuller despite eating less

Gastric bypass surgery is a laparoscopic procedure which means that it is far less invasive, requires less recovery time and can reduce the amount of scarring.

Preparing for Gastric Bypass Surgery

In preparation for your gastric bypass surgery, Dr Dolan will conduct a series of tests to determine your readiness for the procedure. You will be instructed to follow an eating plan that has been set out for you by our team of dietitians. The specifics of your preoperative care will be discussed with you at length, but you will usually need to do a few things ahead of your surgery:

  • A liquid diet in the week before surgery
  • Avoid eating after midnight the day before surgery
  • Getting someone close to you to accompany you to the hospital for support are all part of the preoperative checklist

The Gastric Bypass Procedure

During the course of your gastric bypass surgery, Dr Dolan will make small incisions into your abdomen through which he will insert specialised surgical tools that includes a camera to see your stomach. He will divide your stomach into two sections, one being large and the other smaller. The smaller section will then be sewn or ‘stapled’ to make a pouch the size of an egg. He will also create an opening between the stomach and the intestine before attaching the small intestine to the smaller stomach pouch thereby bypassing part of the small intestine.

Gastric Bypass Post-Operative Care

Directly following your surgery, you can expect to spend two to three days in hospital for observation. In the next two weeks, a strict liquid diet will need to be followed, after which you will move onto pureed foods. We implore you to stay well hydrated and to rest for at least three weeks before resuming your daily routine. During your second month of recovery, you may advance to a solid diet and begin to see the weight-loss results of your surgery.

It is never too late to lose weight and we offer excellent surgical treatment with a human touch. We are a support network for those who come to us seeking treatment. To make an appointment with Dr Dolan or to find out more about our gastric bypass surgery treatments, please click here.

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