Is walking good for weight loss?

Is walking good for weight loss?

The simple act of walking has a number of benefits.

Whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey, or you are well into it already, you may be wondering what you can do to further improve your health. Taking up regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall wellness, and it can go a long way in helping you both lose weight and maintain a healthy size. Besides the fact that it burns calories, increases fitness, and improves muscle and bone strength, there is a range of other surprising benefits to walking. Read on to learn about some of the other ways walking may help you lose weight and improve your health.

Walking may curb your sugar cravings

If you’re an emotional eater and tend to crave sweet treats when you’re feeling stressed, you may be interested to know that studies performed by researchers at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom revealed that just a 15-minute walk could help to reduce chocolate cravings. The researchers suggested that walking may also reduce the amount of chocolate one eats in a stressful situation. So, the next time you’re worried about something and find yourself reaching for a sugary snack, why not try and take a walk first?

Walking offsets the effects of some weight-promoting genes
A group of researchers at Harvard University in the United States conducted a study in which they looked at obesity-promoting genes in a number of participants in order to determine how the genes contribute to weight gain. By closely observing the participants, the researchers found that those who went for an hour-long brisk walk every day actually cut the effects of their weight-promoting genes in half.

Walking improves digestion

If you struggle with digestion issues, you’ll know that the side effects can be unpleasant, plus no one wants to deal with discomfort when they’re adapting to a new eating plan. Besides sticking to a healthy, balanced diet and drinking plenty of water, going for regular walks could also improve your digestive health. Taking a walk after a meal can aid digestion, as well as lower blood sugar levels. According to a study published in the Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, walking after a meal can actually speed up the rate at which food moves through the stomach.

Walking reduces stress

While this one may not be directly linked to weight loss, stress relief is always a welcome benefit. The weight loss journey can be an emotional and challenging time, especially as you adjust to your new eating habits. Walking helps to stimulate receptors in the nervous system and reduces the production of stress hormones. A number of studies have also found that exercise can generally boost one’s mood, improve productivity and even increase creativity.

We understand that weight loss doesn’t end with surgery, which is why we provide ongoing care after your procedure. Reaching and maintaining your goal weight requires a real commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

As part of your care plan, you will have access to a qualified exercise physiologist who will help to develop a training plan for you. To find out more about the post-operative care that we provide, please take a look at our care plan.

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