Finance Options

Cost of weight loss surgery Perth

At WALOS we offer a wide range of finance options to help fund your surgery.

If your current health fund does not cover weight loss surgery, or you don’t currently have private health insurance, Dr Dolan and his team of experts are still able to provide funding options for surgery through superannuation access, ZipPay, payment plans and health funds that do cover weight loss surgery.


Did you know you can access your superannuation for life changing surgery such as weight loss surgery? Dr Dolan’s team have the paperwork and knowledge required to make this happen!

Health Insurance

Recently the health funds have restricted weight loss surgery to members who have gold cover. If you do not have gold cover, health funds will allow you to upgrade to gold cover but will make you wait 12 months in order to use your cover for weight loss surgery. During this period Dr Dolan and his team will prepare you for surgery by checking your health, nutrition and stomach, and will also engage you in our lifestyle makeover, which will use the 12 month wait to make you healthier overall. (Lifestyle makeover will involve all of the team and will be tailored to each patient’s specific set of circumstances).

If you do not wish to wait 12 months, Dr Dolan and his team will help you with other options. These options include:


ZipPay offers loans to patients who want to access surgery immediately. By signing up to ZipPay, you can have your surgery now and pay it off in affordable instalments. You’ll pay your first instalment the time of purchase, and the remainder every following instalment. With up to 6 months of interest-free payments, the only fees to pay are for overdue payments. ZipPay will email you to remind you of an upcoming payment so there are no surprises!

Payment Plans

Dr Dolan’s team offer interest free payment plans, which our practice manager Deb will be happy to discuss with you! Payment plans allow you to space out the total cost into incremental amounts during the course of your weight loss journey. Payment plans may also allow you to get started, even whilst you wait the mandatory waiting period for health fund cover.

If you would like to start your weight loss journey, get in touch with our team to find out how!

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