As their slogan goes, Own It Now Pay Later.

ZipMoney is a financial service helping people around the world, including patients purchasing surgeries and treatments, buy something now and pay later.

Split your purchase into digestible instalments

You’ll pay your first instalment the time of purchase, and the remainder every following instalment.

No extra costs when you pay on time

With up to 6 months of interest-free payments, the only fees to pay are for overdue payments. ZipMoney will email you to remind you of an upcoming payment so there are no surprises!

ZipMoney with Dr Kevin Dolan Perth

We understand the upfront cost of surgery can mean that patients might put off or hesitate to undergo their transformational surgery, or even never get it. By signing up to ZipMoney, you can have your surgery done now and pay it off in affordable instalments.

Let’s take a look at how affordable your surgery could be:

  • Gastric Sleeve from just $670/week
  • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery from only $750/week
  • SASI-S Sleeve Bypass Surgery from $833/week

If you’re considering undergoing a surgical procedure but have hesitated due to finances or fees and pricing, register for ZipMoney today!

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