Stomach Intestinal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy (SIBS)

Stomach Intestinal Bypass with Sleeve Gastrectomy Perth

Sleeve gastrectomy removes part of the stomach resulting in a reduced capacity to eat and a reduced level of ghrelin, the hormone which causes hunger. The amount of food that can be eaten in one sitting is approximately 100mls or half a cupful. This volume can be tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Intestinal bypass involves joining the lower part of the small bowel to the reduced stomach pouch. This results in food bypassing part of the small intestine which causes a reduction in the absorption of fats, sugar and calories that are consumed. The amount of small bowel bypassed can be varied depending on the desired weight loss.

Advantages of the SIBS procedure

Studies show a combination of surgeries can provide greater weight loss than either a standard sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Some other advantages of SIBS include:

  • Combines benefits of sleeve and bypass
  • Less risk of dumping and diarrhoea than other bypasses
  • Less risk of internal hernia

Disadvantages of the SIBS procedure

Increased risk of a leak as there are two staple lines, one for the sleeve and one for the bypass
Longer operation and anaesthetic time.

How does Dr Kevin Dolan perform the SIBS procedure?

The SIBS procedure is a two-step process:

  1. Create sleeve gastrectomy.
  2. Connect a loop of the lower part of small bowel to the new small stomach.

Post-surgical Care

Following your surgery, you will spend two days in hospital, and will be administered pain controlling medications to keep you comfortable. For the first two weeks following your surgery, you will be kept on a liquid diet. Your surgeon and dietician will give you a specific diet plan and instructions to follow after this. It is important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

What are the Costs and Funding Options for SIBS Surgery?

Costs will vary from $0 to $6000 out of pocket expenses depending on the complexity of the surgery and the previous surgery weight. Dr Dolan will discuss costs at your first consultation.

Medicare rebates are available for this procedure and our surgery offers payment plans for patients.

For more costs and information, visit our Costs page.