Jamie Bendall – 50kgs Gone

Jamie Bendall – 50kgs Gone

Jamie talks about his experience with his weight loss procedure

What can you do now?

Before weight loss surgery I couldn’t do the following:

  • Run 3kms without stopping (I couldn’t even run 20m before)
  • Wear clothes that fit nicely,
  • Play sport

I’m no longer a liability to the company I work for.

How I felt before losing weight?

  • Physically I had knee and back troubles which were just getting worse.
  • I used to sleep a lot but felt neither refreshed nor energised.
  • I felt flat and run down – all the time.
  • I could not walk without running out of breath
  • I struggled to reach down to put my socks and work boots on.
  • I felt disappointed shopping as finding clothes were getting harder to find

What were my clothes size changes?

  • Before – 44 men’s pants and 7xl shirts
  • Now – 32 men’s pants and XL shirts

How my weight affected my life?

I didn’t enjoy getting out and living an active lifestyle. Although I love clothes, looking good and going out with friends I often felt self-conscious when shopping or socialising.

What drove me to take action?

I wanted to take steps to improve my health so that I could enjoy a full and happy life with my family. I wanted to make sure that I would be around to see my little girl grow up.

What worried before the procedure?

  • Generally, about the surgical procedure and
  • Whether the lap-band would work for me, I had known people with mixed results in the past.

How my concerns were handled.

  • Spending time with the Dr Dolan who went through my questions
  • Meeting the Dietician several times pre and post-surgery helped, and
  • Having a supportive network of family and friends encouraging me along the way.

How quick and how much weight did I lose?

  • In the initial months following surgery, I lost a lot of weight quite quickly.
  • After about 6 months it plateaued out and I needed to engage in more physical activity to help maintain my progress.
  • Overall I have lost about 50kgs since deciding to have the lap-band procedure.

What is different about my eating habits and life?

  • I can not enjoy a lot of the foods I used to love like steak and fresh bread.
  • Sometimes it is hard to ensure I am getting enough protein and vitamins because of the way my food intake is restricted.
  • I also have to focus on eating slowing and small regular meals.
  • I have learnt to adjust my eating and cooking styles, and now incorporate slow cooking and soups which I really enjoy.
  • I am also much more active than I used to be and have a lot more energy to enjoy myself and time with my family.

What drove me to take action

  • I have had great results following the lap-band procedure but it takes dedication to ensure you get the most from the surgery.
  • It is not a quick fix and requires ongoing commitment and change.
  • Dr Dolan and his team were, and continue to be, very helpful and supportive of my initial and ongoing weight management.

About Jamie Bendall

My ambition is to be happy with myself and in my life so that I can be the best father and husband that I can be.

  • Civil Construction Worker
  • 38 years old


  • Married
  • Daughter aged 6
  • My wife and I are expecting another baby on July 16

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