Need to Know More About Bariatric Revision Surgery?

Need to Know More About Bariatric Revision Surgery?

Dr Kevin Dolan and his associates in Western Australia are committed to providing excellent care with world-class results

Dr Kevin Dolan is a highly experienced surgeon with over 15 years and 7000 bariatric surgery procedures to his name. Working alongside a team of specialists, we aim to give you personal care and high-quality treatment. Dr Dolan is also the pioneer of a gastric bypass surgery (one of the recommended revision surgeries) that has shown excellent results.

What Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is essentially the decreasing in size of the stomach. We do this so only small portions of food can be eaten before feeling full. It also bypasses the small intestine and results in fewer calories being absorbed into the body.

Gastric bypass surgery is known as one the most effective treatments for those suffering from morbid obesity and has had no success using other methods. Gastric bypass surgery tackles weight loss in three ways.

  1. Firstly, it limits the intake of food by the patient.
  2. It restricts the absorption of food and drinks into the body.
  3. The surgery also regulates the level of gut hormones which make the patient feel fuller even with smaller portion sizes.

The amount of scarring and recovery time, are reduced using laparoscopic surgery for a gastric bypass and is also much less invasive. In preparation for your treatment, Dr Dolan will run some tests in order to determine if you are ready for surgery. Patients are given a strict diet plan to follow as laid out by your surgeon, and dietician.

Preoperative care is always an essential step in our process. Dr Dolan will run you through these finer points in your meetings. Patients are instructed to go on a liquid-only diet a week before their surgery and avoid eating after midnight and the day before surgery. Patients are also urged to have a loved one nearby for support.

The Dr Dolan Difference and What to Expect

Upon your first visit to our clinic, you will meet with Dr Dolan where he will carefully examine your medical history. He does this so he can formulate the best possible treatment plan and make sure you understand the process. If the surgical procedure you are being treated for is one of our weight loss surgeries, you will have the entire team here supporting you on the day—and for many days to come.

Our commitment is to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and being there for you right until the end. We have achieved excellent results and continue to document and monitor them in order to improve the services on offer to you. Together, with our tailored approach and commitment to their weight loss cause, our patients have seen some of the best results in the world.

The average patient undergoing our treatments can lose up 62% of their excess weight with the gastric band, 72% following sleeve gastrectomy and 78% after a gastric bypass.

Dr Dolan has a less than 0.1% rate of acute complications and was handed gold status and title Leading Contributor to the Bariatric Surgery Registry for 2016. He is also responsible for pioneering a new surgical technique introduced in 2009 that has brought long-term problems down to 1.35%.

All of this information is used to update our records and contribute to our quality control and clinical governance.

At our clinic in Western Australia, we offer a range of surgery options with a focus on weight loss. Those who have had gastric bypass surgery in the past and have undergone the accompanying weight loss program can be great patients for our cosmetic surgery program.

Dr Dolan also provides a number of general surgeries aimed at treating an array of health issues. With a team including bariatric physicians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, dieticians, nurses and patient support group, all dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible weight loss results, rest assured you are in excellent hands.

To ensure you receive high-quality care with a team of professionals dedicated to seeing you achieve your weight loss goals, schedule an appointment with us here.

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