Weight Loss Surgery: How much will it cost?

Weight Loss Surgery: How much will it cost?

“I’ve heard that weight loss surgery is really expensive, I don’t think I can afford it”

It’s as cheap as chips…

Metaphorically speaking obesity surgery, be it a gastric band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, is as cheap as chips. That is, if you were to calculate how much money you’ll save from not buying the foods that attributed to your obesity, you’ll probably find that it’s much, much cheaper. Calculate that same figure over many years and you’ll actually turn a profit!

Obesity is a recognised clinical disorder

Because obesity is considered to be a clinical disease, any treatment for it, including weight loss surgery, is covered by all reputable private medical insurance companies. Unfortunately, this kind of treatment is not yet readily available through Medicare. If you don’t have a private health care plan don’t worry, there are many affordable options available to you.

But how much can I expect to pay exactly?”

A reputable clinic will have a fixed tariff for the range of surgical options, consultations, follow-up plans etc. Once you have agreed to surgery this price shouldn’t change. For example, WALOS offers the following payment plan:

  • Fast – Simple online application
  • Custom Fit – To suit your budget
  • No Hurry – Spread over 7 years
  • You’re Covered – Up to $60K available
  • Easy – Over the phone transfer
  • Less Stress – Professional application support
  • Flexible – All or only part of your procedure

What does the fee cover?

The cost of weight loss surgery includes the consultation, surgery, specialists and surgeons fees, hospital and anaesthetists cost, plus it also covers the after-care, follow-ups until and after you reach your goal weight, dietary plans and much more.

Don’t wait, let’s work out your cost and payment options now…

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