Why is a Care Plan Important?

Why is a Care Plan Important?

Weight loss surgery is only the start.

Success requires not only surgical skill but also a commitment to you and our team to achieve the results we all want.

This is why our team and postoperative care plan is essential.

Ongoing Care for Months and Years.

Regardless of which weight loss procedure you choose, you will be cared for by our team of highly experienced health professionals.

To help you get the most out of your Band or Sleeve procedure, you’ll have:

  • Regular and ongoing medical check-ups (unlimited)
  • Consultations with our dieticians
  • Consultations with our expert weight-loss psychologists
  • Regular support group meetings moderated by team members

No Extra Fees

Importantly, all your aftercare is included in your once-off program fee – with no hidden charges, expiry dates and any other fees from us – ever.

We believe you should know exactly where you stand about your full treatment costs and will provide you with everything in writing.

Quality Guarantee

Furthermore, we stand by the quality of our procedures – in the unlikely event that you need a problem corrected down the track that is related to our treatment, you will not be charged any additional surgeon, anaesthetist or assistant fees.

That’s our quality guarantee.

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Support Groups

Support groups are a fantastic opportunity to improve your understanding of how to beat obesity.

We want our support groups to be small and non-threatening. They are a great way to meet others on the same journey.

It is an opportunity to share tricks, listen to how others have met challenges on their journey and maybe help with your own successes.

Call the WALOS to learn when and where the next meeting is scheduled.

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